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Hello dear Mary Lou - sorry I lost a few days there. So sorry to hear about your physical challenges. As always you continue to inspire me with your "can do attitude"! And making the most of what you have.

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So sorry to hear you to have the challenges, in this case not only life, but your body gives you. I do LOVE the photo you posted, very artistic. Good luck with your remodeling.......it is worth it at the end.

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Ah, tea. It has woven in and out of my life for many years. My most recent habit of a morning cuppa is due to you, dear author. My preference is English Breakfast and I have discovered that Numi Tea has a very nice loose leaf breakfast tea, which has become part of my morning ritual.

Twenty years or so ago, when my boys were babies and we lived in San Francisco, we befriended a Japanese tea merchant whose shop in Japantown was a treasure trove. I learned to brew various teas in various clay teapots that still adorn my shelves. This shopkeeper had also become a Master of the Tea Ceremony. For my husband's birthday, I arranged for a Tea Ceremony. It was held in the Master's apartment in which he had built a Japanese Tea House to precise specifications required for the Ceremony.

It was an amazing and memorable experience. He explained every nuance, instructed us on when and how to comment, and we were incredibly blessed to experience an official Tea Ceremony. It was interesting to see that commenting on certain aspects could be quite challenging. I enjoyed examining the tea cup far more closely than I would ever have thought to do. He told us how to hold it, turn it, examine the cracks and imperfections, and then to reflect on what we saw and felt.

Thank you so much for the post on the history of tea. A pleasure to read and it brought back many wonderful memories.

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What a wonderful experience!

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